3 Tips for Looking Charismatic in a Dress Shirt

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3 Tips for Looking Charismatic in a Dress Shirt

Whether you are planning for a job interview, a date, or simply want that sophisticated look, a great dress shirt can get you there. However, even with numerous luxury brands available in the market, some customers still struggle to choose the right business shirt. Others pick a dress shirt just because it looks good on a shelf. They do not stop to ask whether the shirt will fit their physique. If you want to look the part, here are crucial factors to consider when shopping for a dress shirt.

1. Get a Good Fit

One of the essential factors you should consider when buying a dress shirt is its fit. Ask yourself whether a shirt compliments your body, and the only way to answer the question is by trying on the clothing. A dress shirt that fits right should hit the sweet spot between tight and loose. Therefore, you should avoid a shirt whose fabric folds into groups making you look sloppy and unprofessional. Similarly, a shirt that hugs your body too tight might rip at the seams at the slightest stretch. If you want a dress shirt that looks classy and stylish, try it on.  

2. Decide on the Dress Shirt Colour

Always make sure that your dress shirts complement your pants and other extra clothing, such as a tie and shoes. For a formal event such as a business meeting, you cannot go wrong with white and blue shirts. They are the most popular hades since they can match different pieces of clothing. Additionally, remember that the shirt colour you wear communicates a lot.

For instance, a green shirt makes you look optimistic, and it is the right choice when discussing a business deal. On the other hand, a grey shirt colour is for people who want to play it safe and look attractive. When choosing a colour, you need to understand what it conveys to avoid those awkward looks in a round table meeting at work.

3. Compare Shirt Textures

Most shoppers do not know that the texture of the shirt they buy dictates how formal or informal it appears, Ideally, shirts with a lot of texture scream casual, while clothes that appear smoother are best for formal occasions. Both designs make you look charismatic as long as you wear them on the right occasions. However, it is advisable to buy dress shirts with smooth designs first since they are appropriate for any occasion. Once you get comfortable with wearing dress shirts, you can slowly introduce those with more texture.  

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