Two suggestions for men who are updating their attire now that they work from home

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Two suggestions for men who are updating their attire now that they work from home

If your job used to be office-based but you now work from home, then you probably need to make a few changes to your work wardrobe. Here are some suggestions that you might want to take note of in this situation.

Mix-and-match your business suit garments with casual items

A lot of office-based roles require men to wear business suits. However, your senior managers may have informed you that you won't be expected to dress in a full business suit whilst you're working from home. Whilst some men might relish hearing this news and look forward to donning their jogging suit pants and t-shirt every day, not everyone will respond in this manner.

If you really enjoy wearing the flattering and professional-looking garments that your business suits are and you are somewhat disappointed by the prospect of not getting to wear them during this period of at-home employment, don't worry; you can still experience the pleasure of wearing these items whilst you're doing your job from home, provided you make a few minor adjustments and wear them with some slightly less formal items.

For example, you could pair your business suit with a plain T-shirt (rather than your usual collared shirt and tie), roll up the blazer's sleeves and keep its buttons undone, and achieve that smart look that you like whilst still following your boss's advice to stick to a less formal dress code. Similarly, pairing the tailored trousers that come with your suit with a short-sleeved, open-collared shirt will create a stylish but fairly laid-back outfit that will make you look sharply dressed even when you're working from your dining table or sofa.

Stick to darker colours when choosing your work-from-home clothes if you have a family or pets

If you will occasionally be seen by your colleagues during your video meetings, it is best to pick darker-coloured clothing. The reason for this is as follows; if your pets or children will be at home with you whilst you're working, then there is a much greater chance of your clothing getting dirty than there would be if you were still working in an office. For example, your dog might jump up on you and leave mud on your shirt or your child might wipe the remnants of their lunch that are left on their hands onto your shirt cuff.

If you were wearing a white shirt in this situation and it happened just before you needed to partake in a video meeting, you wouldn't be able to change and the stains would be visible, due to the light colour of this garment. Wearing darker clothing should ensure that the inevitable mishaps that occur when you're working from home won't result in you looking unprofessionally-messy during your video meetings, as stains are usually less noticeable on dark garments.

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